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Euro Truck Simulator 2 [НОВОСТИ]

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Euro Truck Simulator 2 - Game play - London to Frankfurt



Congratulations to the winners!
The best results of the competition make the challenge look like it was too easy! Ourselves we did not think it was possible to get the time under 1 minute, but you have proven us wrong repeatedly - we have some real masters of the steering wheel among the game's players :-). It's quite late here, we'll revisit this topic tomorrow again and get in touch with the winners.

Thanks everybody for your effort, that packed parking lot really got a lot of diesel burnt on it during this weekend! For those of you who did not win, here is a little consolation prize - a short movie made of scenes in Euro Truck Simulator 2, showing variety of daylight changes and weather.



Can you help us with ETS2 license plates?
We are working hard on finalizing Euro Truck Simulator 2 for release, but there are still some unfinished tasks which we would like to get done so that the game is released in great shape. One of the problems are correct and believable license plates on vehicles.

In our previous projects, usually the license plate was a part of a vehicle's texture, so there was no chance to dynamically alter it or pretend that the trucks and cars come from different countries. For Euro Truck 2, at first we thought about a system providing slightly more variety - have a small set of license plates for each country, and assign them around, but it turned out that too many people take it as an offense if they happen to see multiple vehicles in the world sharing the same license plate texture, not to speak about lack of variety.

In the end, we are about to bite the bullet and implement a system to be able to procedurally generate the license plates based on a set of rules for each country in the game.

See the image below to see an example of how this is setup for the Czech Republic (specifically these would be license plates for Prague from recent years). There is a background for the license plate ready to accept the letters and digits in a given pattern, and then we generate the "text" with the particular combination of letters and digits that follows the country's rules for license plates, picking the alphanumeric symbols from a font texture with font specific for the given country.

Our problem is that for some countries like our own, we know those rules and can implement them with no problem, but doing the research for other countries is a time consuming task for us, with the risk that we'll still misunderstand the rules and implement the license plates for some countries incorrectly.

That's where the idea to approach our community and ask for help on collecting this know-how came to us. We would be very grateful for any pointers or URLs of documents that may help us, or explanations that you can provide, on how to compose believable license plates for vehicles in the various countries in Europe, mostly those present in the game already. Especially if you could point out if there are any things to pay special attention to, like differences between front and back plates, possibly differences between trucks and passenger cars and again if anything special is in place just for trailers, license plates differences as they are issued in different years etc, all this could help us to create a world which will be more believable when you drive though it.

If you have something useful to suggest, please mention it in a comment to this blog post, or alternatively send it to us by mail to info [at] scssoft [dot] com.

Here is a short movie as a way to saying thank you very much in advance..



Playing with Depth of Field
First of all, big thanks for everybody who tried to help and sent us information about license plates looks, logic and rules in the various European countries. The amount of feedback was overwhelming, a real avalanche of information.

The realization that so many people are eager to help and devote so much of their time to write detailed explanations is humbling. It gives us great inspiration to build our games, it's such a great feeling to know that we have such a devoted fan community!

For today we are going to show you two images from the world of Euro Truck Simulator 2, showing one of our artists playing with "DOF" feature in the game's 3D engine. In these two shots the effect is a bit too artistic (though it may come handy in creating fancy screenshots perhaps), but we are using this graphics engine feature in a more subtle way usually, for example in worsened daylight conditions it makes a good combination with hazy atmosphere, or when there is rain out there. A bit of work is still needed to make the pedestrians look better, good enough to show them in focus :-).

Баловство с глубиной резкости
Во-первых, всем огромное спасибо за помощь и информацию о гос. номерах, и правилах в разных стран Европы. Количество откликов было огромным, мы получили настоящую лавину информации.

Осознание того, что так много людей готовы помогать и уделять столько времени, чтобы написать подробное объяснение дает нам большое вдохновение для создания наших игр, нам приятно знать, что у нас есть такие преданные фанаты!

Сегодня мы покажем два изображения из Euro Truck Simulator 2, показывающие "DOF"-эффект в 3D движке игры. На этих скриншотах эффект слишком сильный (хотя с ним можно делать классные скриншоты), но мы используем эту возможность графического движка в более утонченной форме, например, в условиях ухудшения дневного света, эффект имеет хорошее сочетание с туманной атмосферой, или когда идет дождь. По-прежнему необходимо доработать пешеходов, чтобы в фокусе они смотрелись лучше :-).



ETS2 Management screens
Euro Truck Simulator 2 is primarily a game about driving trucks - about the time spent behind the wheel, trying hard to deliver your load safely and on time. That's why we are building so detailed virtual world to drive in. We tried to calculate how much real time you'd have to spend driving in the game, at maximum speed allowed, to visit every place in the world just once. The theoretical minimum is over 40 hours of time! In practice, it will easily take double the time.

However, we are aware that for many players the second gameplay pillar of our big truck simulation games is very important as well - the ability to build a company and progress though a "from rags to riches" kind of career. We are not attempting to go overly deep with this aspect of the game, to compete with "tycoon" genre games when it comes to company management, but we still hope that you will have an interesting time with this part of the game...

Элементы менеджмента в ETS2
Euro Truck Simulator 2 в первую очередь - это игра про вождении грузовиков - о времени, проведенном за рулем, стараясь доставить Ваш груз безопасно и в срок. Вот почему мы строим такой детализированный виртуальный мир. Мы пытались подсчитать, сколько в реальном времени вам придется потратить на вождение в игре, с максимально допустимой скоростью, чтобы посетить все места в мире по одному раз. Теоретический минимум это 40 часов времени! На практике это будет в два раза больше.

Тем не менее, мы понимаем, что для многих игроков очень важно иметь возможность создавать свою компанию, путём "из грязи в князи". Мы не не сильно углубляемся в этот аспект игры, чтобы конкурировать с жанрами экономических симуляторов, но мы все еще надеемся, что вам будет интересно управлять своей компанией ...



Кучка скриншотов, найденных мной на

UPD. 19.55



GamePlay Англичан
Текст от SCS

The Euro Truck Simulator 2 team meanwhile isn't slowing down working on bug fixing and balancing of the game. Our UK friends from Excalibur Publishing are helping us with the testing, and they also never forget about promoting the game as well. There is a new movie on their YouTube channel showing interesting moments from another delivery. We'll just have to advise them that the next time they think of creating a movie, they had better first grab a steering wheel rather than stick with keyboard steering ;-).

Команда Euro Truck Simulator 2 продолжает исправление багов в игре. Наши друзья из Excalibur Publishing помогают нам с тестами, а так же занимаются пиаром игры. На их канале выложен новый ролик с очередной доставки. А нам лишь остаётся посоветовать им при съёмке нового пользоваться рулём, а не клавиатурой;-).



Таким образом будет выглядеть "окно" игры



Польский бета-тестер тоже снял геймплей ETS2. Смотрим :)



A little video dramatization of a truck driver's early morning assignment in Euro Truck Simulator 2
Note: Any mention of truck manufacturers seen in these videos is subject to change. SCS Software are hard at work getting the best manufacturers on board so what may be seen in these early previews does not fully represent the content of the final game.


как я понял,SCS Software,все еще пытается получить разрешение на использование официальных марок производителей тягачей.

Отредактировано VODILA-DALNOBOI (2012-08-28 03:56:30)



2-х часовой геймплей ускоренный в несколько раз, чтобы показать на сколько карта большая



Not enough zombies!
Thanks for everyone's support with Steam Greenlight campaign for Euro Truck Simulator 2. We have over 1,600 votes already, and over 50 pages of mostly very encouraging comments.

Still it looks like it might be a good idea to add a few zombies into the game; judging by some of the leading submissions so far, adding zombies could bring us an order of magnitude more votes! ;-). We'll most likely resist the temptation - but kidding aside, this is a cold reminder for us as well as for you our fans that the potential of our truck sim "niche" is really limited compared to mainstream topics that Joe the gamer wants to deal with in the games he buys. The scope, depth and quality of our games are always going to be limited by how much money = manpower we can invest into them; how much money it's possible to make selling them to people willing to buy them. This pool is not that big. Exposure is key to get the game in front of as many eyes as possible.

The push for ETS on Greenlight will definitely continue for some time, nothing is decided yet. We thought that perhaps the fan community can help us even more in this long term effort. The effect of our blog has its limits, the news will get old very quickly. But quite a lot of you are running trucksim-related websites, blogs, facebook pages and message boards. Some visitors may come to you only from time to time, wouldn't it be great to have something permanent on the page to bring their attention to our cause?

We would like to offer you a set of banners and buttons that you can put on your web property to support ETS2. If you like any of the buttons, please use them to link them to the ETS2 Greenlight page. Big thanks!

We have these buttons and banners nicely packed in a ZIP file for download, with version including JPG on black and white backgrounds and PNG with transparency, at several sizes here:

To wrap up this post, we have another YouTube movie for you. This one has been actually recorded over 2 weeks ago, some of the things in the game have been changed since then, and even the game logo in it is now obsolete. But we thought it would be a shame to lose all the work invested into creating the video, we quite like it.

Суть новоти в том, чтобы те люди, у которых есть Steam аккаунт, поддержали SCS на проекте greenlight. Сделать это можно пройдя по ссылке и нажав кнопочку Оценить.
По этой ссылке ссылке можно скачать набор картинок для подписи, с призывом голосовать за ETS2



Bratislava to Birmingham
We would like to point you to another time-lapse Euro Truck Simulator 2 video depicting a cargo delivery, created by one of our hard-working beta testers. The video is a bit grainy due to high compression rate, but quite cool nonetheless.

Из Братиславы в Бирмингэм
Представляем вашему вниманию ещё одно видео доставки груза, созданное одним из наших трудолюбивых бета-тестеров. Видео есть немного зернистости из-за высокой степени сжатия, но тем не менее оно довольно классное.



Небольшое видео о поездке на MANе от одного из бета-тестеров

Система: Intel Core Duo 3 GHz and Nvidia GTX 560



SCS Software написал(а):

Из комментариев  к новости

Thanks for your kind comment. We will make a bigger blog post about the trouble with release date soon - but the problem is that the game is REALLY not yet finished and we are unsure when exactly it may be. The testers are finding too many bugs still that need fixing.

We have publicly committed to a release date before, failing to deliver on time and getting well-deserved flak for it. But we are always preferring to release a solid game rather than to hit any particular date at any cost. We are getting hammered for this approach, but we still think it's best in the interest of you are customers and fans. If we ship a broken game that gets mediocre reviews, it's the end of our simulation series for good. Too much is at stake already, if ETS2 is not a success on the market, there is no way we could finance more trucking games.

We are are in the final stretch, there should be just several weeks needed to iron out the must-fix bugs if things go smooth. So the best ESTIMATE is that the game could be released at some point in October. But until we are truly done, it's still only a tentative time-frame, not a 100% guarantee.

Интересует нас исключительно последняя строчка. Те, кто ожидал игру в сентябре, будут разочарованы. ПРЕДПОЛОЖИТЕЛЬНАЯ дата релиза - октябрь. Это оффициально. Но не точно.



ETS2 vehicle registration plates
One wish-list item we can take off the list, a hundred more to go...

During the past weeks, we have toiled on the flexible registration plate system both for trucks as well as all types of AI vehicles. The goal was to represent each country in the game with proper license plates for front and back of vehicles (which usually differ, and not just by color as in the UK). Our previous license plates system was often criticized before for not being good, in fact in the early days of beta test it was the most raised issue for taking away the feeling of reality on the roads. So we decided to listen to player's feedback and do something about it. The new system is very flexible; it's data driven so customizable and extendable, it's procedurally generated so a huge number of combinations are possible, and it's actually better optimized than the old system.

We DO listen to your feedback all the time, you just must keep in mind that the volume of requests for features to include in the game is huge. If we were to grant all your current wishes (and no doubt more will come), we'd have to spend several more years on the game before it's finished. Nobody really wants that, right? ;-) We really need to concentrate now on just wrapping up what we have started already to get the initial release of the game out. We know you are very impatient to get your hands on the game already.

The release date of ETS2 doesn't mark the end of development for the game. Just as with Scania TDS, and if fact even more so, we are committed to continuing development of the game beyond release version. Future updates will not contain just bug fixes if any are needed, but also major feature additions. There are also plans brewing for extending the virtual world - of course we are aware that many of you are not happy that we are not properly covering more of the territory of Europe. It will not be a small undertaking, but with your support, we may be able to gradually grow the virtual world, too.

Автомобильные номера в ETS2
Одно пожелание фанатов можно вычеркнуть из списка, осталось ещё пара сотен...

За последние несколько недель мы создали гибкую систему генерации номерных знаков как для грузовиков, так и для траффика. Наша цель была воссоздать реальные номерные знаки разных стран. Наша старая система была жёстко раскритикована, она была одной из самых обсуждаемых в комментариях. И мы решили послушать наших фанатов и вот что у нас получилось. Новая система очень гибкая; она настраиваемая и расширяемая , она способна генерировать огромное количество всевозможные комбинации и работает стабильнее старой системы.

Мы ПРАВДА читаем ваши отзывы, но помните, список ваших желаний очень огромный. Если бы мы стали воплощать все ваши желание (а их бы становилось больше и больше), нам бы пришлось отложить выход игру на несколько лет. Это же никому не нужно? ;-) Нам очень нужно сконцентрироваться на завершении того, чего мы задумали, чтобы наконец выпустить игру. Мы знаем что ваше терпение уже кончается.

Релиз ETS2 не значит полное окончание разработки. Как и со Scania TDS, мы собираемся продолжать доработки после релиза игры. там будут не только необходимые баг-фиксы, но и дополнительные функции и возможности. Есть планы и на расширение карты - мы знаем что не все раны текущим покрытием Европы. Это большое дело, но с вашей поддержкой мы справимся с этой задачей.











Видео штампуются одно за другим, становится не интересно :)





Геймплеи из Франции







Думаю некоторые будут разочарованы этим видео :)





Джо: Думаю некоторые будут разочарованы этим видео! А вот и фото

Свернутый текст

"We owe you an update on some things happening now which are already frequently discussed in comments.

Truck brand licensing situation is clearing up, and we don't have just good news. Despite years of trying to approach truck and trailer manufacturers, and in some case very extensive negotiations, we are far from securing all major truck brands. For a long time, we have been showing you in-development screenshots and movies with proper branding. It was a part of our negotiation strategy: to show truck manufacturers how public - our fans - react to real brands in our games. Fans' reaction has been without exception always positive, people are excited about driving "real" trucks - but even that is not strong enough argument it seems. As you may have seen in recent movies and screenshots from the game finding their way on the Internet, we are now in the process of switching back to "Majestic" and "Valiant." The destiny of another major brand still hangs in the balance - after two years of discussions, there are only precious few days to see if the negotiations are concluded successfully at the last minute."